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musical alternatives to Chocolate

Kids love Easter because they get given loads of chocolate. And then us ‘responsible’ parents feel obliged to ‘help’ by slowly working our way through the mountain to reduce the amount of chocolate consumed by our children, whose health we respect more than our own. Well, my jeans and I would prefer it if grandparents, and whoever else feels inclined to treat my children this Easter, would not buy them three huge eggs each but some other kind of small gift instead. So here are my ideas for musical alternatives to chocolate. Save your children’s teeth and contribute to reducing obesity in the UK. 

  1. A percussion instrument set. You can find loads of sets of instruments comprising a tambourine, maracas, jingle bells, a woodblock, claves etc on the internet. Or, to make it cheaper, just get one instrument – and with a bit of organisation between the usual Easter egg buying relatives you could easily get enough to make a set!
  2. Take them to a music group or lesson instead. There are loads of pre-school music groups out there to try, or for older kids get them an instrument lesson voucher for a trial on their first instrument or a trial on something new for a change. 
  3. An iTunes voucher – let them buy some music they love to listen to over and again. 
  4. A harmonica – this is great to learn and sounds so cool and bluesy – a good instrument to learn a party piece on! 
  5. A music magazine: NME or Q or Kerrang! or Mojo, I could go on. I used to love music magazines as a teenager although maybe they’re a bit retro now we’re in the age of the internet. 
  6. A ukulele – there are ukuleles on the internet to suit every budget starting from ‘seriously cheap’ if you don’t mind waiting several weeks.
  7. A singing lesson. It’s quite common for singing teachers to provide one-off lessons or even a few sessions to prepare for something or just for the experience. Get in touch with your local teacher to see what they can offer. 
  8. A musical DVD or Blu-ray Disc. Perhaps a musical film, musical on the stage or band’s live show to add to their collection. 
  9. Gig tickets. Although not in the same price range as a humble Easter egg, a few grandparents or aunties and uncles joining together might be able to raise enough for a ticket! 
  10. Some sheet music. This is obviously one for those who already play/read music, but there is so much choice out there you can get pretty much anything! 

Stick one of those little fluffy Easter chicks on the wrapping and there you have it, a perfect alternative to chocolate this Easter!


Written By
Jenna Fan

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