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Fanfare Music’s family of tutors and performers are here to help you find your inner music. But who are the creators and teachers who will be welcoming you to our school and studio?

Say hello to the family!

Jenna Fan

Piano Teacher and Local Vocals Choir Director

Hi, I’m Jenna Fan! I’m a mum of three, and I’m passionate about making music accessible to everyone. Music is my life - and that’s why I started Fanfare! (Did you spot the pun?)

Ever since I was little, my dream’s been to work in music. That dream’s already coming true - I genuinely love teaching piano, whether that’s youngsters or fellow mums and dads from all walks of life! I’ve helped teach younger children as well as baby and toddler groups, too!

To me, watching my students gain confidence and progress in their music skills is so rewarding. Having performed with the Yorkshire Philharmonic Choir in the past, I also lead our Local Vocals choir.

As a young musician, I really valued just being able to pick up an instrument and to really get stuck in. I want that for our students, too! You should never be afraid to give something a go. For younger kids, that’s bottle ukuleles and box drums, and for adults, that might be finally picking up the guitar after years of ‘maybe some other time’!

I’m always growing as a musician, too! Eventually, I’d love to learn the saxophone or the drums. For now, I’m committed to helping people gain confidence in their performance.

Hi, I’m Julie - a fellow piano tutor alongside Jenna. I actually started learning the piano by watching my sister play ‘Yankee Doodle Dandy’ - from the age of seven!

From there, I got stuck into my own lessons and learned a blend of classical, ragtime and popular tunes. I progressed into singing and piano at GCSE level, composing my own tune, ‘Fly’.

I graduated with a Distinction via my BTEC National Diploma in Music Practice, earned locally at Wakefield College. I later went on to pass Grade 8 Contemporary Keyboard and earn a 2:1 BA (Hons) degree in Music Technology at the University of Huddersfield.

I absolutely love teaching children and adults of all ages how to find confidence in playing the piano. I share my love of the ivories with my two children, too - music is all around me!

Julie Townend

Piano Teacher

Nick O’Rourke

Guitar and Drums Teacher

Hi, I’m Nick! I’m an experienced guitar player and tutor, having started learning classical guitar from the age of seven. From there, I progressed to electric, bass, and even the drums once I became a teenager.

I eventually joined the Kirklees Classical Guitar Orchestra, competing up and down the UK - and I played bass for the Kirklees Senior Wind Band, too!

I attended Huddersfield Rock School, have an A Level in Music Technology, and a 2:1 BA (Hons) degree in Music Technology and Audio System Design from Derby University.

I absolutely adore the guitar - I’ve been writing and playing in bands for well over 20 years, performing covers and original songs alike. I’m the drummer for the Local Vocals Pop Choir, and I also play bass in a covers band - Han (not) Solo!

Edward Whelan is a conductor, pianist, teacher and composer. He has worked with many choirs including Leeds Male Voice Choir, Horbury Singers, Sandal Singers, St Raphael Singers and Featherstone Male Voice Choir. Edward gives lessons in piano, violin, music theory and singing. He gives regular piano recitals and composes in his spare time.

Edward Whelan

Piano and Violin Teacher

Open up To Music

Fanfare’s mission is to make individual learning accessible, affordable and enjoyable. Why should it be anything else?

We love helping new students of all ages find their rhythms, tempos and tones. Remember - you don’t have to be a superstar from the get-go!

You can read more about our Music Tuition online, and when you're ready...

Email us or send us a message to set up your first lesson - let’s make some music!

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