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Music Tuition

Have you ever wanted to learn an instrument?

Maybe you love the idea of writing a song, strumming a guitar, or even giving the ukulele a go.

Why not give it a try?

Music tuition should be fun and accessible to all. At Fanfare Music, we believe in encouraging all our students to find their inner musician, at their own pace.

That’s why there are tons of great things to try at our Ossett Studio space. You could learn a new instrument and music theory either on your own, or as part of a group.

Ways to Learn

Music For Everyone

Fanfare Music provides music tuition through the following types of session:

individual children lesson also for adults at Fanfare Music school Ossett Wakefield

Individual Lessons

A great chance for students to gain confidence and have one-on-one tuition.

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childrens group music lessons wakefield

Children's Group Lessons

Support one another and have fun through music.

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adult group lessons in Piano Guitar Ukelele

Adults’ Group Lessons

Learn physical and theory skills and build self-esteem.

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At Fanfare Music you can learn the following Instruments

All lessons provided by Fanfare are affordable, friendly, and run at your own pace.

guitar lessons Fanfare Music
It’s important that everyone - kids and adults alike - have the opportunity to try something new, to explore, and to gain confidence. What’s more, music tuition should never be locked away behind expensive prices. Our team knows of some of the cost barriers people face firsthand. Therefore, we encourage all our prospective students to reach out and learn more about our low-cost tuition.
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Why Book Music Tuition? 

If the idea of music lessons appeals to you, but you’ve never been quite sure whether or not to take the next step, here are some brilliant benefits of learning with Fanfare Music:
You can learn without restriction - no stuffy targets!
It’s great for building self-confidence and self-esteem
You set your own goals and dreams
You can easily learn at weekends, after school, or around work
You’ll get the chance to socialise with other students
You’ll find a new lease of life - you could turn a hobby into a real skill!
Whether you’d like to gain a qualification in music theory or an instrument of your choosing, Fanfare’s tutors are here to help.

Or, you might just fancy coming along for a bit of fun - and why not?

Blow your own Trumpet!

(Which you can do quite literally on Saturday Mornings in our Brass lesson!)

Getting up and making music takes confidence - we’re all nervous when we start! However, remember that even the best musicians and rockstars had to start somewhere. What’s more, it’s never too late to get started!

Music is something we can all share and get involved in. Learning a new musical skill is not just a great hobby and a brilliant opportunity to meet new people, it’s a whole new string to your bow! You never know what you might achieve.

Email us or send us a message if you’d like to know more!

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In 2008 my husband (to-be at that time) and I moved to a town in West Yorkshire called Ossett. We were both civil engineers working in the area and it made sense to settle there. Growing up I played the piano, I learnt at 4, peaked early, and played a lot for school at concerts […]

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First, what is a choir? Choirs come in all shapes and forms, but my pop choir, Local Vocals, is a group of enthusiastic people who share a love of singing and music and who join together regularly to work hard turning harmonies and melodies into something beautiful which they then share with their friends, families […]

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A question every student of the piano asks, I’m sure. But why are they so important, and why do so many people find them tricky, boring, hard work, a pain in the backside? First, what is a scale? A scale is the collection, played step by step, note by note, of all the notes which […]

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