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Individual Lessons

Ever wanted to learn an instrument,
but unsure where to start?

What if you're nervous about how you might sound? It would be a shame never to find out and to always wish you'd learnt to play.

There’s no need to worry! Everyone’s a little nervous the first time they try anything new.

With individual lessons at Fanfare Music, you’ll have the chance to learn new skills at your own pace. Paired with an experienced and friendly teacher, you’ll take all the time you need to brush up on guitar, drums, bass, piano or even violin!

It’s all about having fun, first and foremost - and the sessions will fly by as you pick up skills to help you pass exams if you choose to take them. You might surprise yourself, and we promise there is no judgement here.

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Make Some Noise!

Learning an instrument is about feeling your way through the music as much as learning the techniques. There will be some theory elements here and there, but Fanfare will guide you through all the steps you need to learn your instrument without any kind of pressure.

Individual lessons at Fanfare Music are available privately for both adults and children. Kids aged four and up are welcome to start learning a variety of instruments from an early age! All we advise is that Mum, Dad or both parents come along, too.

You'll love the acoustics at Fanfare's purpose-built studio in Ossett, West Yorkshire. New students will benefit from friendly, welcoming one-to-one sessions with teachers who genuinely love music.

Fanfare is committed to helping people get up and make some noise - you can be a complete beginner, a bit rusty on the chords, or just want to extend your repertoire! Whatever it is you’d like to explore through music, we want to help you express yourself and have fun doing so!

Why Choose Individual Lessons?

There are plenty of great reasons why individual lessons might be just the ticket!
You’ll get to learn a whole new skill at your own pace
Individual lessons are open to complete beginners through to advanced musicians
You call the shots - set your own goals and targets - that goes for kids, too
Individual sessions are affordable and can be arranged as you desire / can afford
Learn more about reading music, performing, and even composing
You’ll have the chance to work towards recitals, join homework challenges and be part of our music school family
There’s tons of great games for kids to get into while learning
As an adult learner, you’ll get all the support you need to find your inner muse!

All we ask is that you have the willingness to try, and don't be afraid to make mistakes.  Our teachers are builders of confidence, resilience, mental agility and creativity. We promise you'll learn so much more at Fanfare Music than an instrument and musical appreciation.

Individual lessons can be easily arranged after school or at weekends. With weekly daytime lesson slots available too.

Meet The teachers
Jenna Fan teaching a private lesson at Fanfare Music school Ossett Wakefield

Open up To Music

Fanfare’s mission is to make individual learning accessible, affordable and enjoyable. Why should it be anything else?

We love helping new students of all ages find their rhythms, tempos and tones. Remember - you don’t have to be a superstar from the get-go!

Try something new. If you’d prefer group sessions, we have space available for social learning, too!

Email us or send us a message to set up your first lesson - let’s make some music!

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