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Children's Group Lessons

Are your youngsters
big noise makers?

Chances are, if your kids love making a racket, they’ll really get into playing an instrument or two.

As kids, we all loved expressing ourselves in lots of different ways!

Making music is a lot of fun - and whether your little ones are showing interest in playing the guitar or trying out the drums, why not allow them to explore new sounds?

Fanfare offers group lessons for children to help them find their inner music. It’s all about exploring different sounds while learning various techniques - taking things one step at a time.

Group sessions are a great place for kids to make friends, collaborate with each other, and get into the groove! They’ll also learn to make music as groups and ensembles and to help support each other from session to session.

Enquire About Lessons
childrens group music lessons at Fanfare Music Ossett

Why Choose Group Lessons?

Group lessons for kids at Fanfare are built around fun and exploration. While there are set lessons and goals, our teachers pride themselves on making learning music accessible to all.

In fact, kids from the age of four can join group sessions!  Lessons will never be dull because we know learning is improved when it's fun, memorable and social.

In lessons, your child will develop both in the physical playing of music as well as the theory aspects. However, we do so with an emphasis on ‘finding your song’. Guided group lessons are gentle yet vibrant - kids should look forward to coming along and making a racket!

Classes run after school hours and at weekends. Therefore, Mums and Dads never have to worry about squeezing sessions into their schedules!

Right now, kids can sign up to play either piano or guitar in Fanfare group lessons. Our teachers have years of experience in both instruments - and genuinely love the art!

Affordable, Accessible and Fun

We’ve experienced firsthand that some music tuition can be really expensive.

That’s why Fanfare provides affordableenjoyable music development. All children should have the opportunity to learn a new instrument; and without having to worry about impressing anyone. That’s just not how Fanfare Music operates!

Children taking part in group lessons at Fanfare can:

Learn from others while finding their own way
Join performance opportunities and even take part in composition challenges
Make new friends with similar interests
Feel good about themselves - take pride in their musical abilities and go home feeling great!
Learn the intricacies of music - such as reading notes - at their own speed

We encourage children to have the willingness to try, and not be afraid to make mistakes.  Our teachers are builders of confidence, resilience, mental agility and creativity. We promise you that your child will learn so much more at Fanfare Music than an instrument and musical appreciation.

Meet The teachers
Childrens music lessonsgroup guitar lessons for children

Come and Give it a Go!

Kids and adults everywhere should give making music a go - you’ll never know what you might pick up!

Whether your children are already showing aptitude for music, or just love making noise, Fanfare’s here to help them build amazing skills and to get excited about learning.

Want to know more? Great!

Email us or send us a message to book in your first lesson, or to have a quick chat with the team!
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