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Terms for individual lessons.

Group adult classes are 45 minutes, and the lesson is £10.

Group kid classes are 30 minutes, and the lesson is £7.

Individual lessons are £13 for 30 minutes or £26 for 60 minutes.

The teacher will:

Teach the student according to mutually agreed goals, e.g. exam preparation, desire to
master a particular piece; give regular progress reports (spoken or otherwise) to the
student or parents/carers of under 18 students; be punctual in beginning and ending

The student (with parental/carer support where applicable) will:

Do the set homework/practise; be punctual and bring the necessary books or sheets
and instrument where applicable to lessons; not enter for exams without the consent of
the teacher.

Fees and policy for missed lessons:

The hourly fee is £26. Lessons will be charged pro rata according to their length. Lessons are to be paid for in advance in termly blocks between September and July. Fees are to be paid before or at the first lesson of each term. You will be emailed/messaged an invoice before the payment due date.

Fees can be paid by cash or bank transfer:

Fanfare Music Ltd 91640679 60-83-71

Missed lessons will be charged at the usual rate, and extra lessons will not be arranged
to make up for missed lessons. In circumstances where the teacher needs to cancel a
lesson, it will either be rearranged for another time convenient to both teacher and
student, or the fee will be carried forward to the next payment period.

The period of notice to terminate lessons is 2 weeks. Any lessons paid for beyond the
notice period will be fully refunded. This contract can be cancelled by mutual