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What’s Fanfare Music All About?

Everyone loves music in their own way, but many people fear they're not musical, stopping them from ever singing or playing an instrument.

At Fanfare Music, we believe the joy of music is learning together. By building a fun, inclusive and affordable music school, all ages can belong to a community that just loves making a noise.


Music is for everyone and we help everyday people have fun with music!

That’s Mums, Dads, Kids, Grandparents, everyone - we should all have the opportunity to get up and express ourselves musically.

We’re an Ossett-based music school, studio and choir facility. Our close-knit Fanfare Family is genuinely passionate about the unlimited possibilities in songwriting, performance, and just making a good old racket!

Music and performance should be enjoyable. Fanfare provides an inclusive, accessible, warm and friendly space for you to learn new instruments and explore music theory at your own pace.

Learning how to play and perform music shouldn’t ever be stuffy, boring, or pressured. Unfortunately, many of us went through childhood having to learn instruments and theory to strict guidelines. There was simply no room for creativity or expression!

Meet The Teachers

Making Music Accessible

Fanfare’s mission is to make music accessible to everyone.

That’s not just by having access to lots of different instruments, or having a gentle guide to help you perform!

Firsthand, our team has seen how expensive music tuition can be. On the whole, it’s more restrictive now than ever before for people to pick up an instrument and receive the guidance they deserve.

Why should great music tuition - and the opportunity to make music - be locked away behind high prices?
Thanks to the passion of every one of our teachers, Fanfare Music brings music tuition, choir gatherings, jam sessions and even festivals to a wider audience than ever before.

Based at our superb Ossett studio, Fanfare is proud to provide a variety of instrument tuition packages, choral opportunities and more - for less than you’d expect to pay elsewhere in the region.

Helping You Find Your Voice

What really drives our team is the idea that everyone has a song to perform. We inspire students to step out of their comfort zone and surprise themselves.

What’s important is that you get up and you give it a go. Music and performance are amazing confidence boosters! Even if you’ve never picked up a guitar in your life and aren’t sure which end of the piano to start at. Our experts will gently help you find your way.

We celebrate effort and involvement because, at Fanfare Music, we know students get better every week if they enjoy the journey.

Fanfare Music is also committed to providing flexible weekly slots and sessions to adult learners as well as children! You are never ‘too old’ or ‘too busy’ to give music a go.

Music Tuition
music lessons wakefield girl playing the trumpet and piano

Start Playing Your Song

Nervous about getting started? It’s natural! Even the most outlandish of performers get the jitters, and our team wants to help you find your inner song at your own pace.

So, let’s get started! Send us an email or message now and book your first session with our team.
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