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At Fanfare Music, we believe the joy of music is Learning Together

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Make some Noise!

Ever made music before? Want to give it a go, but worried about how you might sound?

Don't be! Music is for EVERYBODY. Whether it's vocal performances, playing an instrument or just getting up and making some good old noise, we all have a musical story to tell. 

Music’s also something we should all have access to. Whether you’re six or sixty, you should always find the time to let loose and blow your own trumpet!

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Accessible Lessons for All

Fanfare Music is a multi-functional music education and activity service. We believe that everyone should have the chance to learn an instrument or get to express themselves through performance.

We’ve built an exciting, electric atmosphere here at Fanfare, with our Ossett-based studio helping everyday people break free from the idea that ‘learning is difficult’. No one gets it right first time - and if you’re not the next guitar hero or piano maestro, so what? Get up and give it a go.

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Music For Everyone

What We Have To Offer

Whether you’re gearing up for guitar, priming yourself for the piano or something completely different, we have tons of great ways to help you find your inner music.

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Available for all ages
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Kids’ Group

Exploring music and
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Adults’ Group

From jamming to
communal practice
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Team-building with a twist
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Local Vocals
Pop Choir

Finding harmony together
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We also want to make music more affordable.

By breaking down financial barriers, more people have better access to new hobbies and ways to express themselves. Come and have a chat with us to find out more!

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But What If I’m
Too Old to Learn?

You’re never too old to learn a new instrument, to learn about pitch and tempo, to read sheet music, or to just get up and sing. Whoever told you otherwise?

The Fanfare family believes that music isn’t just child’s play. It’s great to get our youngsters into music and performance from an early age if that’s what they love - but as an adult, if you’ve always had a yearning to sing your heart out or strum away, why not go ahead and do it?

Everyone feels nervous when it comes to performing. What’s more, many people feel they don’t have time to learn something new, or that they’re simply too ‘over the hill’.

Our friendly, laid-back teaching team helps people of all ages find the confidence to perform with instruments. We have tons of instrument choices, too, and we will gently help you get to grips with anything you’d like to try.

About Fanfare Music

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Let’s Get Started!

Want to know more about joining a local choir, or trying out a new instrument? Don't ever hold yourself back!

Email us or send us a message for a quick chat, and to book your first lesson!

Our Mission

Fun, Affordable, Inclusive

Everyone loves music in their own way, but many people fear they're not musical, stopping them from ever singing or playing an instrument.

At Fanfare Music, we believe the joy of music is learning together. By building a fun, inclusive and affordable music school, all ages can belong to a community that just loves making a noise.

What will you try first?

Ready to play?

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