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Adults Group Lessons

Is there an instrument you’ve always wanted to try, but have never had the chance to?

Worried that it’s too late to get started, or about how you might sound?

It’s never too late to make some noise - and to learn something new!

Adult group lessons at Fanfare Music are great fun. You’ll get the chance to learn either piano, guitar or ukulele alongside like-minded students.

It’s ok to feel nervous! But you won't know how much you'll love making music unless you give it a go.

Group lessons for adults at Fanfare are open to complete beginners. You’ll have the chance to explore different instruments, techniques and sounds with the support of friendly teachers and other students.

Trust us - it’s better than trying to pick up the basics on YouTube!

adult group music lessons
Piano lessons for adults

Why Choose Group Lessons?

While Fanfare Music supports individual tuition for one-to-one guidance, group sessions are a lot of fun and, we believe, a great way to learn.

It’s a brilliant social opportunity. Piano, guitar and ukulele groups take place every week, meaning there’s ample opportunity for people who work part-time, have odd shifts, or are retired to come along and pick up an instrument. Some of our students come along for a group music lesson during their lunch break!

Group sessions can help you find your inner confidence. While you’ll be learning new skills within the group, you’ll do so at your own pace. What’s more, no one is here to judge you! Being in a group means you’ll work together to achieve group goals and targets.

Fanfare’s group lessons are affordable and open to all. We’re providing tuition in groups to adults who might not have been able to stretch their musical muscles before. Sometimes, life can get in the way - but money should never be a barrier!

Other Reasons to Join a Group

There are plenty of great reasons why group lessons might be perfect for you!
There’s absolutely no experience required
You’ll meet new people and make new friends
It’s great for Mums and Dads who want to try something new
There’s practical, theory and ensemble learning
It’s a great confidence booster, no matter who you are
You’ll have the chance to join performances and even compose your own music
You’ll work together to meet group goals and targets
There’s social opportunities such as evenings out at the end of term

All we ask is that you have the willingness to try, and don't be afraid to make mistakes.  Our teachers are builders of confidence, resilience, mental agility and creativity. We promise you'll learn so much more at Fanfare Music than an instrument and musical appreciation.

Meet The teachers
Guitar Lessons with Nick O'Rouke Fanfare Music

Blow Your Own Trumpet

It’s sometimes hard to find time or reason to really get into something new. That’s why Fanfare is making adult group tuition more affordable and more accessible to people of all ages across the region.

It’s ok to be shy, and it’s definitely natural to feel nervous! We’re here to chat to if you fancy giving music making a go.

Email us or send us a message to find out about booking your first lesson - and let’s make some noise!
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