Saturday 13th june 2020 Ossett Town Hall

The Programme

  • Morning choir workshops
  • Afternoon choir performances with expert panel feedback
  • Evening Finale Concert featuring professional choir, Pop Festival choirs and West Yorkshire's Massed Pop Choir

New for 2020

Workshops will be run by each of the panel members and cover various aspects of singing contemporary pop. One of the workshops will teach groups of choirs a song to perform as part of the Finale Concert, in addition to the Massed Choir finale.

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This is a unique day for all kinds of choirs (not just pop choirs) who want to enjoy singing pop for a day with their peers. 

Early bird rate available for choirs who sign up before September.

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What is the west yorkshire choirs pop festival?


It's all about meeting other choirs from around the region, perhaps finding someone to work with, or take inspiration from.


A huge part of the day is celebration - celebrating what we, as choral groups from West Yorkshire, have achieved.


Over the course of the day we will work together to produce exciting sounds including a Massed Choir finale!


During the morning at the event we will be treated to some exciting workshops dealing with how to deliver contemporary pop repertoire.

Expert Panel

During the afternoon, each choir will have the opportunity to perform a short set for our industry expert panel and receive feedback.

Finale Concert

In the evening we will enjoy an exciting performance from a pro-choir (act TBC) and various performances from participating choirs, including Massed Choir finale.