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Workplace Workshops

Team-building exercisescan be fun

But what if you’re tired of the same old games and activities?

Singing in the Workplace

Does it make you recoil in horror at the thought of revealing your singing voice to your colleagues?

If the answer to that question is YES, you are not alone.

Singing is so personal, we feel like we're exposing a hidden part of ourselves when we're brave enough to share our voice with others.

What if you were in a room with your team for a singing session where everyone else felt the same way, a bit nervous, a bit self-conscious? But what if you had friendly, laid-back people leading the session?


What if you gave it a go and realised that actually you and your team made a great sound together. And what if afterwards you felt amazing?

workplace singing wellbeing workshops

Why Choose a Workplace Workshop

You’ll already know how important it is for colleagues to get to know each other so that they can work better together! Not only that, but getting to know each other better will help to make everyday work that little more fun.

Fanfare Music’s workplace workshops are tailored to your own individual team-building needs. There are no stuffy or cheesy games or activities here - it’s all about breaking free and having fun with music.

Workplace workshops can help you learn new things about yourself and the people you work with. There’s never any pressure to perform well, and for many people, it’s an exciting day out of the office that they’d not normally have time to organise otherwise!

Fun and Affordable

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Fanfare Music's values are centred around encouraging more people to make music, and our workplace singing for well-being workshops are one way we are trying to do that. This is a relatively new offering from us, but we have loads of experience leading choirs, singing workshops and music lessons.

Music is a lot of fun - to perform, not just listen to! Many people lose touch with their creative and performative sides as they get older. That's why Fanfare provides such a unique opportunity.

Book a session for your employees and collaborate on a song or two in our tutor-led workshops. You don't need to have any experience singing, reading sheet music, or even performing - and there is never any pressure to 'impress' anyone. It's all about coming together to make something amazing.

Make Some Noise!

Our workplace workshops are NEW for 2022 and can take place at our studio and performance space in Ossett. Or at your place of work if you have space available.

Want to know more? Email us or send us a message to book your first session, or to have a chat with the Fanfare team!
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