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Want to get to grips with piano scales
but don't know how?

Learning scales when playing the piano can be tricky at first. What if you need a little more practice, and you’re worried about losing track in your lessons?

Don’t worry! While scales are the building blocks of great compositions and vital when learning advanced playing techniques - you are not alone.

Many students - young and older - find learning scales confusing or complex. Plenty of piano learners may actually find them boring at first!

Fanfare’s Scale Club is dedicated to showing you how exciting scales can be.

In our standalone sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to explore scales at your own pace, away from any other lessons you may be taking.

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Time To Scale Up!

We've designed Scale Club to be inclusive and welcoming. Whether you're a young student, in the middle of your GCSEs or A-Levels, or learning to play piano as an adult - our weekly sessions will ease you into how scales work.

Scales don't always get the attention they deserve in traditional piano tuition.

At Scale Club, we give them the spotlight. You can play with us at any grade and come along with any level of experience. That means if you've been playing for ten minutes or ten years, there's a space for you here!

Scale Club is all about giving you that extra grounding in your piano technique. We’re here to help you gain more confidence in the finer details of making music!

We cover music theory, composition techniques, and even a little bit of history, too. There’s something for everyone, and you can join at any time.

Why Choose Scale Club?

Here are just a few great reasons why joining us for scales practice is a great idea.

It’s a great way to gain confidence in playing and composition
You can join us at any grade or experience level
You’ll learn fantastic new skills
You’ll be able to recognise lots of new patterns in music (including your favourite songs)
It’s great for making new friends
We’ll help make scales more exciting, and easier if you’re struggling
There’s no pressure - it’s a laid-back group session
You’ll leave feeling more confident and motivated at the keys

As always, the first step to learning something new is just giving it a go. We run laid-back sessions designed to make scales more practical, interesting, and fun.

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What Can I Expect?

Here’s a quick rundown of what you can expect when joining Scale Club:

Contact us online to book your first lesson and join us here at Fanfare.
Meet your teachers, fellow students, and get the chance to practice.
Learn about how to adapt your technique and how scales impact composition as well as performance.
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Want some extra help with scales, but are unsure where to start?

Register with Fanfare Music now for your first session, or complete this enquiry form to find out more.

Let’s start scaling those musical heights together!
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