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Jenna Fan - Piano Teacher and Local Vocals Choir Director

Music is my life! Ever since being a little girl I wanted to work with music and now I'm getting to realise my dream by working here at Fanfare Music. I'm constantly singing with my children and love to encourage them to make music with whatever they can get their hands on - drums made from boxes, their ukulele, shakers made from bottles, the piano, cymbals (pan lids) or the cajon. 

As a child I learnt piano at age four and guitar at age nine. I played piano in assembly at school, and yes, got laughed at by the haters, but did it stop me...I don't think so! 

When we moved to Ossett I joined the Yorkshire Philharmonic Choir and my love of singing really started. I had no experience (apart from a brief spell in a church choir as a kid) but it was something I'd always wanted to do. I turned up, and thankfully they let me in!

I'd love to learn the drums, or perhaps the saxophone one day. But for now I'm concentrating of helping others find their inner musician and hopefully boost their confidence and help them reach their goals. 

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