Free resources

Once your new ukulele has arrived it's time to start playing. Here is a simple starter guide designed to get you playing chords really quickly.

Ukulele - Christmas Selection - have a go at these three Christmas classics on your ukulele (chord chart included).

Learn to Read Music in 2 Minutes - this free guide accompanies the Learn to Read Music in 2 Minutes video which you can find on the Videos page. Perfect if you're short on time!

Have a family birthday coming up? Here are the ukulele chords for Happy Birthday! 

Find out about sharps and flats in this free introduction to Accidentals. 

Here is the sheet to accompany the Musical Opposites video.

Here is the sheet to accompany the How to Play a Major Scale video!

Read my tips for how to encourage your kids to get into music.

Find out the basics of Simple and Compound Time in this easy to follow introduction.

Celebrate St George's Day with this simplified piano version of Elgar's Pomp and Circumstance.

Practise your note finding on the piano with this reference sheet. Don't forget to check out the video too!

Easy ukulele chords for Don't Stop Believing (Journey).

Simplified piano arrangement of These Days (Jess Glynne).

Need something else?